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Myths are common when dealing with we buy houses Athens firms. These firms buy properties as-is and make fair offers. 

People are always suspicious of things which aren’t in the mainstream. This is because the less information people have about a service, the less likely they will take it seriously. We buy houses Athens Companies have been subjected to many misconceptions because people don’t understand how they work. 

Distressed sellers who want to sell their homes as-is and fast might want to try home buyers. However, many are scared because of the many myths spread about these home buyers. 

Here are some common misconceptions about we buy houses Athens.

They make low offers

This misconception has been spread over the years and peddled in the real estate industry. Most people who spread this myth don’t understand how cash offers work and how they are structured. Distressed sellers who have huge cash reserves and don’t have debts, and have enough time on their hands shouldn’t use home buyers.

They are best with traditional sales. However, for those who want to sell their homes as-is, who are cash-strapped and have little time to settle their debts, home buyers are your best choice. The offer made by these companies is based on several factors and they have to make profits.

Home Buyers want to defraud you

Again, these misconceptions are based on fake information because when you use a reliable cash home buyer, you won’t be scammed. All industries have scanners and people who want to swindle you, the ideal way to avoid this is by doing your homework and contacting a trusted firm. You can do this by doing online research to find experienced home buying firms that can complete deals safely.

Home Buyer firms only buy some types of houses

This is virtually just half-true and not the fact. While some local buyers might specialize in some houses because that’s what they specialize in, it doesn’t apply to all home buyers. Home Buyer firm deals in all types of houses from burnt, damaged house, foreclosed house or newly refurbished house. They buy all properties regardless of the age, condition and finances

Their process is longer than a traditional sale

Many also assume that we buy houses Athens Companies processes are stringent and take more time than other buying options. This isn’t true because dealing with them is fast and quick. You can complete the deal within 3-6 days. One major obstruction to quick sales is the seller who may procrastinate.

They collect commissions

Commissions are fees which are collected by some people for helping you sell their property. Some rumors are spreading that we buy houses Athens firms collect additional fees and percentages from their customers before the deal is completed. This isn’t true because there are no middlemen who will be paid any fees. Any offer made by cash home buyers will be yours without any deductions.

They don’t pay cash

Cash payments are highly appreciated by many Homeowners because they can use it to solve their immediate needs. Home buying firms have been accused of not paying cash immediately as stated. 

However, if this has happened to you, know you are dealing with a fake home buyer. One of the selling points of cash home buyers is that they pay you a fair cash offer immediately after they have accessed your home.

Discard all the abovementioned misconceptions about home buying firms and consider using a reliable cash home buyer today. Athens GA Home Buyer is your trusted and reliable choice that guarantees fair press and quick deals.

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