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If you’re selling your house, particularly for the first time, this guide will help you choose the right we buy houses in Athens GA. It is quite unfortunate that most first-time sellers in Athens often end up with bad cash buyers who bind them to shady contracts.

The quick sales market can be full of surprises, and if you’ve been in the real estate market for some time, you will be aware of the craftiness of some companies who claim ‘we buy houses in Athens GA’. To avoid being beguiled with unrealistic offers, you should be prepared for anything a cash buyer will be throwing at you.

To this effect, you need to be aware of some vital information about cash home buyers so you can choose the best we buy houses in Athens GA.

Things You Should Be Sure of About A Cash Buying Company

In a bid to improve your selling experience, we have prepared a list of information to help you choose the best cash buyer in Athens GA.

Comprehensive Contact Details

When you search for we buy houses in Athens GA on search engines, you’ll get a search result page displaying different active cash home buyer websites in Athens GA. 

The first thing to note when choosing a cash buyer is to check to see if their website contains comprehensive contact details. Ideally, a cash home buying website should provide potential clients with different contact channels like postal addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.

Customer Reviews

Secondly, be sure of the cash buyer’s authenticity by looking out for top-class customer reviews on their website. Also, you can check out authorized review websites in Athens to be sure the cash buyer does what they promise


Professionalism is yet another subject of interest when choosing a cash buyer in Athens. Be sure if they have the needed expertise to execute a fast home sale. You can achieve this by visiting the “About Us” section of the buyer’s website to know more about their capabilities.

In addition to that, be sure if they have the required affiliation and team members to ensure that you sell your house quickly.

Transparent in Pricing Structure

Up next is the transparency of a cash buyer’s pricing structure. This is where sellers should give much attention as they tend to experience a clog in the wheel of their transaction when there’s no prior knowledge of a buyer’s pricing structure.

The cash buying company should have a transparent pricing structure that can highlight what they are willing to pay for your Athens GA property. Additional fees (if any) from sellers should also be pronounced in the pricing structure.

Evidence of Funds

Do they have evidence of funds? This is a question to be answered before you settle for any cash buyer in Athens GA. Be certain the cash buyer is a genuine we buy houses in Athens GA and has the cash to pay for your Athens house outrightly without acquiring a loan.

If a cash buyer is unable or not willing to present evidence of funds, you should consider this as a red flag.

No Shady Contract

Some cash buyers are fond of developing cunning means to present unscrupulous cash offers to sellers in distress to keep them in a fix. You want to make sure that a cash buyer doesn’t lock you in with an unfair contract.

Make sure you read carefully through the agreement while watching out for little prints of the buyer’s contract that afford them exclusive rights on your property, also not allowing you to sell to another buyer. Be sure you’re clear on this.

Reasonable Cash Offer

Cash buyers make a lot of money from purchasing real estate at a discounted price, then selling them to make a huge amount of profit. If a cash buyer in Athens GA gives an offer that goes beyond 85 percent of the asking price, they are probably going to claw back some of the money with additional fees.

We Buy Houses in Athens GA

We buy houses from homeowners who are struggling with their finances, just lost a loved one, or are experiencing some kind of upheaval. We believe in easing sellers out of tight corners with our fast home sale process.

We make sure to take care of the entire process, so there’s no need for sellers to worry. We understand there are unethical buyers out there taking advantage of vulnerable sellers, which is why we recommend that you use Athens GA Home Buyer.

If you’d like to know more about our cash home buying service, or you have some questions about how we work, reach out to us and one of our professionals will be glad to help.

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